The hospital began an internal investigation.In the Odessa area 8-year-old boy died during adenoidectomy.

Doctors say that before surgery did all the necessary tests, which showed that contraindications for surgery there. Why baby’s heart stopped, found out by forensic scientists, according to a story TSN.

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The hospital conducted an internal investigation, but neither the ENT nor the anesthesiologist from work during the investigation was not suspended. On the death of a child, local police have opened criminal proceedings.

“The diagnosis of acute heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Further examination will be carried out, still it is necessary to examine histological material. We interviewed all the doctors who attended, checked the medical records, and she has already taken. No violations we found,” – said the chief doctor of Podolsk city hospital Alexander Zhukovsky.

The family of the boy blames doctors. “I suspect that it’s an overdose. As a result, the heart has stopped. With him in the ward, too, the boy was lying. He did the first surgery, he came out of anesthesia after six hours,” says the aunt of the boy Lyudmila Palamarchuk.