10-year-old daughter Alsou literally hounded in social media after her victory in the project “Voice. Children.” Representatives of the popular singer’s claim that the girl to the final “way” itself. Despite this, the Network scandal is only growing.

10-year-old daughter of a popular Russian singer Alsou Abramova Mikella won in the show “the Voice. Children.” The child dreamed about it for five years. Many experts said vocal baby and a serious command of the English language. However, the audience did not agree with the final results. They said that a wealthy family Micelli (husband of Alsou, a businessman, and her father was a major oil tycoon – ed.) simply “bought the victory” in this show, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to the “League news Russia”.

In turn, the official representative Alsu Nina Ponomareva, commenting on the scandal said the daughter Alsou – talented child, diverse and hardworking. Replying to a post zamglavnogo editor of HELLO! Marina Savelyeva in Facebook, Ponomaryov also called for an end to the persecution of the young actress.

“I would, incidentally, gave his vote to her. Not because Mikella better than others (in the finals at all strange to have to choose the best, all cool), but because I think people like it, grow a Aguilera. Diverse, cool girl. I hope that what happened will not discourage her desire to sing and go on stage,” – said Saveliev.

Her words just poured “oil on the fire”: in social networks began to write that Micelle – prey complexes of their parents. And in fact questions to the girl there.

“Questions to the vote results and all” – write in the comments.

By the way, Michelle Abramov a storm of criticism brought down not only ordinary viewers, but also colleagues Alsu in show business, who are friends with her.

Itself the winner, as it became known, wanted to sing in this project for the past five years.

“The child plays several musical instruments, works every day, does, dancing, singing and dreams of being on stage. Everything came down and accused, just to blame. Mikella guilty of what? That talented?” writes in the post, a spokeswoman for the Alsu.

Earlier social networks were divided into “two camps,” the younger Brezhnev’s daughter Sarah.