The Russian state Duma wants to ban naming children strange names

The bill was supported by the government of the Russian Federation, the Supreme court and the relevant Committee of Parliament


The state Duma on Tuesday, March 7, adopted in first reading bill Senator Valentina Petrenko, according to which it is proposed to prohibit to call children names that consist of numbers, names, numerals, letters, symbols, abbreviations, profanity, etc. About it reports the Russian service of the BBC.

“For” vote of 377 deputies, three abstained, 70 people did not vote.

Presenting the bill, Senator Petrenko complained that there are cases where children are called Princesses, Presidents, Lucifer. It violates the rights of children, believes the parliamentarian.

She was supported by the colleague from “an United Russia” Irina White.

“It was confirmed that there was indeed a problem, and parents periodically attempt to call the child air traffic Controller, the King, General,” complained the Deputy. She cited the example of a country where there are laws about names is Sweden, Denmark, Belarus.

Joined colleagues and the Deputy Vitaly Milonov.

“It is high time to bring order to Cococabana and Dazdraperma!”, – called on the Deputy.

The United Russia party member Maxim Ivanov has attended, or will the Registrar be allowed to give their children names with numerals, if, for example, Ivan the First and Catherine the Second. Senator Petrenko said that this issue will be discussed.

The Chairman of the Committee on labor Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) opposed the Soviet names-abbreviations.

“This name, such as Vladlen, taking into account new information from the drop-down archives, is a serious psychological blow not only to the bearer of such a name, but for his family, given what the relevance of Lenin today formed or formed in the younger generation?”, – the Deputy was indignant.

United Russia Deputy from Tatarstan Airat Farrakhov informed that the names that fit the category abbreviations are very common in Tatarstan, and called for the deletion from the bill this provision. The author of the bill Petrenko said that the second reading will take into account all comments.

The MP from the liberal democratic party Vitali Pashin asked how exactly the law will not allow parents to give their children “weird” names Dolphin or Lucifer, if we are talking only about the prohibition to use the names of numbers and abbreviations.

“I do not agree. The fact that the enumeration in the names of ranks and positions, names with letters and numbers growing. A Dolphin is a Dolphin, it’s still not a name,” replied Senator Smith.

The leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has explained the problem of “strange” names with marriages.

“The majority of marriages are not for love, but for money. If love is between husband and wife, went, called and forgotten,” he said, complaining that in kindergarten he teased, “Zhirin-Purin-Passagieren”.

The bill was supported by the government of the Russian Federation, the Supreme court and the relevant Committee of Parliament, therefore, with high probability it can be accepted.