In social networks harshly criticized the Minister’s wife for participating in a beauty contest.
Someone had reproached his wife can’t show / Photo Oksana Zotova, InstagramВ Russian Magnitogorsk scandal of the priest and his wife.

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The woman took part in a beauty contest and posted the photos online, according to a story TSN.

In social networks harshly criticized the woman. Someone of users rebuked: his wife may not exhibit themselves and participate in such competitions.

In the ROC reacted radically, and sent a priest to serve in remote villages Fershampenuaz Nagaybaksky district of Chelyabinsk region, at least until Church family do not repent.

Earlier it was reported that in Novy Urengoy on the contest “Zvezda Yamala” involving children from seven years, one of the participants demonstrated the pole dance in her underwear, which glowed, and boots-“strips”.