16 July on the road between populated items and Derbesia the town of al-Hasaka on
North-East Syria, an explosion occurred. For the inspection of the scene after
complete patrol in the area was sent to the Russian military and
fighters police “ASIS”. At this moment the second explosion occurred.

It is reported by Telegram-channel 4 Directorate.

According to preliminary data, the improvised UAV Pro-Turkish militia dropped
artillery mine. According to the Kurdish media, injuring three Russian
soldiers and two fighters “Asaish” and two civilians.

Other sources claim that the UAV could not be Turkish.

On the frame “the Syrian Observatory for human rights” is seen
the shank from the mines. Most likely, there was a reset of the mortar shell with a camera
or homemade BLAH. This is evidenced by the relatively modest scale
destruction imprinted SOPC.

Photos and video from the event shows how local doctors help the wounded
the Russian soldier to get to the car for evacuation.

Telegram-channel “Fisherman” notes that in the border town of Al-Derbesia military police
Russia conducts regular patrols.

The defense Ministry has not yet commented on the firing of troops in Syria.

As previously reported, on July 14, the rebels detonated a bomb on the route
Russian convoy in Idlib province. Controlled by the militants
Media reported about the wounding of three Russian military in the detonation of the IED.

The explosion was so powerful that the Russian armored car “Tiger” was thrown into the trees. In the epicenter of the explosion hit two military vehicles.

Julia Bulyga