While the specific timing of the termination of the contract the company could not be called.
S7 Space refuses to buy Ukrainian missiles 12 / photo UNIAN

The co-owner of S7 Space Natalia Fileva has confirmed previously appeared information in mass media about the refusal of a contract for production in Ukrainian “Pivdenmash” 12 carrier rockets “Zenit” launch floating cosmodrome “Sea launch”.

Read takeachance “Yuzhmash” was sent to US the main design of the first stage for Antares rocket

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“Going to,” she replied to the relevant question. While the specific timing of the termination of the contract Fileva could not be called.

Dnepropetrovsk plant “Pivdenmash” has announced the signing of a contract to supply a subsidiary of a Russian group of companies S7 rocket “Zenit” in the summer of 2017. The agreement provides for the establishment of 12 carriers, which were to be used, including for launches from the Pacific ocean (Sea Launch project).

Last week it became known that S7 is planning to stop the execution of a prisoner, two years ago contract.

As siobal UNIAN, the situation was commented by the press service of the southern machine-building plant. “Currently, the “Pivdenmash” has no official messages from the client concerning the alleged termination of the contract. For its part, “Yuzhmash” is not going to take the lead in this matter.

“Pivdenmash” has concluded in the spring of 2017 a contract to produce twelve of carrier rockets “Zenit”. The customer is a U.S. registered company S7 Sea Launch Limited.