The Russian Ambassador says that Russia and the United States are partners, not adversaries

Relations between the two countries, supposedly time-tested, battle friendship and the spirit of the Elbe


Russia and the USA are not opponents but partners, tested by time. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov.

According to him, the United States and Russia should seek to strengthen the economic Foundation of Russian-American relations, which would protect them against market fluctuations.

“We should not forget about culture. In the relations between our countries, culture plays an increasingly prominent role, being an effective tool for enhancing understanding between people and to prevent new dividing lines,” — said Antonov.

He noted that “in the current difficult situation, it is equally important to preserve and enhance the cooperation in the peaceful exploration of space, Arctic scientific research.”

“American astronauts fly on our “Unions”. U.S. continues to buy Russian RD-180 engines to launch payloads for NASA and the Pentagon. There are plans for joint implementation of large-scale projects that could serve as a logical continuation of the ISS. Firmly convinced that we are not enemies and not enemies with the United States, who would neither tried to promote this thesis. We are partners. Partners, time-tested, combat-tested friendship and the spirit of the Elbe”, — said Antonov.

Recall that the Pentagon calls Russia the main threat to the security of Europe.