Andriy Parubiy

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy has signed a decree on responsibility of the Russian Federation for the aggression and the non-recognition of elections of the Russian President in the temporarily occupied Crimea. He said this at a meeting of the conciliatory Council of the Parliament, the correspondent of

“I got drafted by a Committee resolution and signed them”, – said the speaker.

Paruby reminded that it is adopted by Parliament decision No. 5463 of the complex of urgent measures for implementation of international legal responsibility of Russia for military aggression against Ukraine and No. 8168-1 about the non-recognition by Ukraine of the legitimacy of presidential elections on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

“This decision is an appeal to our partners to take the same firm position and did not recognize the presidential elections in the Crimea”, – said paruby.

Two days after the election of the President of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin got more than 76,67 % of the votes), 20 March 2018, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the resolution No. 5463. On the same day approved the statement of the vote for the President of the Russian Federation in the Crimea.

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Russia occupied the Crimea in 2014. The Verkhovna Rada announced on 20 February 2014 beginning of the temporary occupation of the Peninsula Russia. Key international organizations, including the UN General Assembly, condemned the Kremlin’s actions. Against Russia was introduced on personal and sectoral sanctions. For the implementation by Moscow of the so-called parliamentary elections with the participation of the Crimea in 2016 Parliament recognized the state Duma illegitimate.

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