Future ultrajet S-512

Company Spike Aerospace has tested a subsonic UAV SX-1.2 – prototype supersonic passenger aircraft. Aircraft remotely operated by pilots Krishnakumar Malu and Mike Reglanom, was launched from a private airfield in New England. The goal of the first seven test flights was to test its aerodynamics.

All flights took place in almost perfect weather: wind speed of 11 to 16km/h, temperature + 21 C. C. Telemetry equipment in the process of flight was measured and adjusted the center of gravity SX-1.2, balancing and control loop. The obtained information will be later used to create full-size model S-512.

Future ultrajet S-512 is a 22-seater supersonic passenger aircraft business class with a flight range of around 10,000 km at a speed of from 1200 to 2000 km/hour. In addition, he will be the first passenger liner, where the traditional Windows will replace the video walls.

Currently, the developer is making changes to the design of the experimental SX-1.2. Testing will continue until November, and then begin the development of the next version of experimental – drone SX-1.3.

In creating the S-512 by Spike Aerospace in addition to the participation of Siemens, Quartus, Aernnova, Greenpoint, BRPH, and others. Presumably the first car will be ready for testing in 2021, and serial deliveries will begin in 2023-m.
Source — Spike Aerospace