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It is good for us, journalists. Sit down at the computer to compose an article, or to the microphone as a commentator. And no one before this catches on, relatively speaking, furosemide, and even more hackneyed Mildronate. Whether it is athletes, which are rigidly tested for doping, so much so that the fate of collapse.

Now only and conversations that about the positive test captain “Shakhtar” Darijo Srna plus about suspension, the national team of Ukraine in weightlifting in the company of eight other countries. “SE” in great detail informed the readers about the circumstances of both stories. But we’re not quite on the cost of punishment, rather – about their origins.

For starters, I think that it is necessary to determine whether the lack of Ukraine’s arguments in his defense? Alas – our national anti-doping center (NADCO) still have not acquired an international license to a full package of activities. We, figuratively speaking, work on the self. The author, believe me, not joking. During the football Euro-2012, samples taken from the players drawn to the intimate procedure, by lot, by a special flight was sent in… Warsaw. The Kiev group is, for example, concerned the Swedes and the British.

By the way, about the British. As you know, the protocols of the competition, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom are one of the initial letters U. However, at the same time guilt for violation of the code of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), the match ends. Too often in the lists of the penalty box be USA, Germany, Japan and, again, United Kingdom. In my opinion, it is worth to look not so double standards, politics and business.

Of course, the World Agency was originally created as an Outpost of the struggle for the purity of sport, which puts at the forefront the health of athletes. But in the turbulent XXI century, it is increasingly considered a veiled commercial entity with global opportunities. And do not think that they share materials and substances for legitimate and taboo method of “scientific spear.”

Not at all! Making some drugs in the category of steroids or anabolics are harmful to sport, WADA unwittingly releases those manufacturers from the race for success, at the same time clearing the way for other pharmaceutical companies. If this is done purely for the love of art, I’m all for it.

…Is not inclined to cover those who achieve victories by unfair means. One request – to disclose the incident in the same season when they held the Olympics or the world championship. No joke, the famous Yuri Belonog was stripped of the gold Athens 2004 in the ninth year of “after”. And how kept, sorry, nth vials with liquid? A version of, say, previously, there was no means of recognition – like the selection of time for settling scores. Yes, the Ukrainian side is forced to “shut up mum”, since we depend on foreign laboratories.

At the same time, certainly it is necessary to strengthen internal supervision of trainers and doctors not to force-fed wards in circumvention of the law. But the principle GAI – blame not the one who drove to the sign, and the one who got here by definition unacceptable. And I would like to remind the respected experts of WADA and NADCO old commandment Soviet Prosecutor: “the main thing in the course of investigations – not to go on ourselves.”

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