Conspiracy theorists have sounded an interesting version of the existence of the deadly cosmic body.

According to preliminary
data, planet X burns the earth for the past six years. On
the disasters that would befall our planet, the Mayans warned in his
calendar. However, the ancient prophecy was subjected to ridicule from
skeptics, reports “Диалог.UA”
citing “League news Russia”.

Researcher Andrew
Kouchner said that the Earth step by step closer to the planned Apocalypse. According to him, the burning of the globe Nibiru makes a very
realistic prophecy of the ancient civilization. This is confirmed by the increased frequency of earthquakes
of floods and droughts.

Note that the first
the emergence of “Stars
death” was accompanied by
the explosion at the plant in Fukushima. Kouchner urged academics around the world
arrogantly rejecting the theory of conspiracy, and to develop a plan to rescue
of mankind.

Earlier it became known about the satellite of the planet-killer, which is causing disasters on Earth.

Recall that Nibiru was spotted in the sky over Russia’s Yekaterinburg.

As reported, the Americans
was shocked by the footage of the invasion of Planet X to Earth.