The Pope punished for exorcism nine Ukrainian monksPope Francis / Photo:

They are former members of the monastery of Saint Theodore Studite in the village Kolodiivka Ternopil region

21.03.18 1596900

Pope Francis approved a decree on the deprivation of the monastic rank of the father of Plancake and eight other monks of the region.

It is reported by the Information resource of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

“The Holy father Pope Francis approved the decrees of the Archbishop and Metropolitan Vasyl (Semeniuk) on the deprivation of the monastic rank of the nine monks. These people are former members of the monastery of Saint Theodore Studite in the village of Kolodiivka Ternopil region. Now they are illegal in S. Poses Ivano-Frankivsk region. In accordance with the approved decrees, they lose belonging to the monastic order; not allowed to wear monastic clothes, lose all rights and be stripped of all duties that derive from the compiled monastic vows, and can’t call themselves monks”, – stated in the message.

It is also reported that according to the norms of Canon law, the fathers of Planchak and Kostevski have no right to Minister as priests. They can’t serve the divine Liturgy, to make the Holy mysteries and other divine services in the Church or outside it, in particular to make any public prayer for the sick, exorcisms or similar practices.

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This decision of Pope Francis is final and cannot be appealed.

About sister Mary of the Sheep from the monastery in Velikiye Borki started talking in 2004. It seems to be heard the voice of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, of the blessed virgin Mary and individual saints. Some of the “messages” recorded O. Anthony Gregory Planchak. The priest confirms their authenticity and origin from God, not having authority, as officially stated in the Synod of the UGCC.

In the monasteries there were several canonical visitaci (audits).

During the inspections revealed many violations of discipline. Some monks did not adhere to the Charter, but in activities guided by the instructions of the “prophetess”. For final conclusions in the monasteries there was a special Commission established by order of the head of the UGCC his Beatitude Sviatoslav. She revealed no signs that the “ads” or “voice”, sister Maria Baran and the other sisters of the monastery of the presentation in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary have supernatural origin. Instead, it was confirmed that those who distribute, manipulate concepts of monastic obedience and spiritual guidance.

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After the Commission’s findings took place the reorganization of the monastery of Saint Theodore Studite in the village Kolodiivka. The brethren of the monastery, led by Abbot mark (Shnekom) adopted the decision of ecclesiastical authority and monastic life continues in the village Kolodiivka according to the monastic tradition and the rules.

However, some monks supposedly did not take observations to the Church authorities and refused to listen to her. They, the report said, continued to violate the monastic rules and allegedly illegally settled in the village of Poses Ivano-Frankivsk region. They didn’t want to correct their behavior. And therefore, after appropriate warnings, nine monks were removed from the monastic rank.

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