Photo, video, Police, gas, stones in Kyiv on Drinke the crowd ransackedthe Massacre at Derince in Kiev

The nationalists decided to avenge the merchant-a foreigner in beaten pensioner

27.05.18 1833200

In Kyiv on Sunday, 27 may, representatives of the neo-Nazi organization “C14” started smashing the stalls in the market near the metro station “Forest”, where a day earlier, was beaten by military retirees because of the comments.

As reports “gromadske”, began the confrontation with the police.

Radicals managed to RAID the market stalls, break the blinds.

The police used against violators of tear gas.

In response threw stones.

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Later representatives “C14” in his Telegram channel commented on the incident – they deny that they started a brawl.

“Activists C14 trashed the market. We, together with veterans ‘ organizations in the three areas was approached later, at 11:15. When the event was in full swing… there are more than a hundred activists from many organizations and veterans of the ATO”, – says in the message.

We will remind, on Saturday, 26 may, in Kiev at one of the markets the seller is a foreigner with his “protection” beat the pensioner.

Later the sign kiosk, the seller who got into a scandal, was dismantled, and the site of the incident about 10 police officers carried out investigative actions.