Vladislav Voloshin (photos nikolaev-city.net)

The police of the Nikolaev area made in the register of pre-judicial investigations additional qualification in the case of the death of Vladislav Voloshin, the incitement to suicide. This informs the Department of communication of national police of the Nikolaev area.

It is noted that the investigation examines all the versions and the probable causes that led to the tragedy, and as a result of investigative actions on the basis of the examinations prove or disprove each of them.

The police encouraged the media and citizens with any useful information for the investigation, report it.

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18 March 2018 Voloshin committed suicide. The Chairman of the Nikolaev regional administration Alexey Savchenko called “nonsense” information “about some of the millions of tenders, etc”.

NABU said to prevent possible misappropriation of funds of the budget of Nikolaev at the conclusion of the contract for renovating the local airport.

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