China plans to build a series of floating nuclear reactors that would feed the factory on the artificial Islands, offshore platforms, and other humanitarian and infrastructure projects in the country.

Such reactors are generally mounted on shirokokorpusnyh courts and provide about 25 % of the capacity of their larger terrestrial counterparts. They can move to areas requiring urgent flow of energy (for example, the affected after the tsunami), or be leased to customers who need a powerful source of electricity.

Modular reactor ACP 100

This project is worth 150 million dollars is developed by China national nuclear power Corporation (CNNP). One such modular unit can power an entire fleet of 20 small reactors.

Floating reactor ACPR50

This project is a competitor of the CNNP. In the future it may include other civilian vessels with nuclear installations (e.g., icebreakers), but the project is now focused on the reactors. ACPR50 needs to step up service in 2020, their heat output is 200 MW, and output power of 60 megawatts.

Vice-Director of the National defense Directorate for science, technology and industry Yiren Wang said that the main purpose of floating reactors will be offshore oil and gas platforms, as well as desalination stations located on remote Islands. In addition, the reactors can provide energy underwater mining operation in China, which is one of the important strategic facilities funding within the state.