The passenger beat the steward of the train intercity Kyiv – OdessaPhoto: Liman really

In the us complain that the trains no police escort

11.03.19 189500

In the intercity train Kiev – Odessa, one of the passengers attacked a steward and severely beat him.

About this Facebook said the Deputy chief of Department of passenger transport “Ukrzaliznytsya” Alexander Krasnoshtan.

“…Again, there was an unfortunate occasion: inadequate passenger started a fight on the train intercity Kyiv – Odessa with the steward. The result of the young employee received injuries to the face, particularly the damaged portions of the ear. Steward admitted to hospital.

The police clearly worked – at the station Kazatin, the malefactor is detained. We will do everything necessary to ensure that the villain was punished by law.

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But let’s analyze why this happened? And it happened because the trains no police escort. Accordingly, attackers feel their impunity and do what they please.

At the same time we get to our queries from the interior Ministry just unsubscribe. But Natspolitsiya offers to buy their security services. But you don’t need anything or anyone to protect – is necessary to ensure public order in passenger trains, which by definition is a public place. Therefore, to prevent such situations it is urgent to ensure the protection of public order in passenger trains a National police force / national guard,” wrote Alexander Krasnoshtan.

As reported by the Focus:

  • From 15 January 2019 Ukrzaliznytsia has increased the cost of certain services rendered to passengers. Among them – the use of linen in the train, pay for tea, coffee and drinking water.
  • The head of Ukrzaliznytsia Evgeny Kravtsov said that the company has launched an important feature that people with disabilities will be able to buy discounted tickets online.
  • From January 30 the train Kiev-Riga started to run more often once every four days instead of one trip a week.