KIEV. July 19. UNN. The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law № 8625 on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the protection of the rights of children of assisted reproductive technologies, which proposes to impose restrictions in the use of assisted reproductive technology. It is reported by UNN citing the website lie.

As the authors of the bill in the explanatory note to the document, in recent years Ukraine has become a world leader in commercial surrogacy, “reproductive tourism”. Every year in Ukraine from a surrogate mothers is born at least thousands of kids, according to various experts in the industry.

“Over the last years, Ukraine has appeared in the scandalous cases of violation of the rights of children born of surrogacy. According to the laws of the States where surrogacy is prohibited or allowed only as a non-profit help, a surrogate mother is a full mother if the court decides in favor of the biological parents. For example, children born to a surrogate mother in Ukraine for foreigners not recognized in countries where reproductive technology is prohibited by law, and the parents resorted to illegal methods, in particular using the way of smuggling, for smuggling of children outside Ukraine. Thus, the fate of such a child can not track no country”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

The initiators of legislative initiative, emphasize that the purpose of the bill is to protect the rights of children through legislative restrictions in the use of assisted reproductive technology. Therefore, it is proposed to amend legislative acts of Ukraine, which provides that the right to surrogacy can only be citizens of Ukraine and foreigners or persons without citizenship permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine.

“The right to the use of assisted reproductive technology have only citizens of Ukraine, and also foreigners and persons without citizenship, permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine. The application of auxiliary reproductive technologies a method of transferring the human embryo conceived by the spouses (man and woman), in the body of another woman is subject to the written consent of the spouses (men and women), and women who are being so assisted reproductive technology and her husband (if any)”, – stated in the bill”, – stated in the draft law.

As reported UNN, Ukrainian law enforcers have exposed the medical establishment, which was involved in providing illegal services for surrogacy.