KIEV. June 16. UNN. A bill to legalize use of marijuana for medical purposes approved by the Portuguese Parliament. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Publico.

“Regulating therapeutic use of cannabis under any circumstances cannot be used to legitimize or promote its recreational use,” said Deputy Carl Cruz.

She noted that the decision of the Parliament will not reduce state funding for drug prevention.

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In the document adopted by the Parliament, States that using marijuana for medical purposes will need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. And to give it will only if other treatment methods are adversely affected.

The number of countries that allow you to use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, is constantly growing. Many American States also look at legislation in this drug. So in the June 8 Senate of Canada voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the country. The decision was adopted by 52 votes. 30 people voted against and one abstained.