Russian teacher get naked in support of the Siberian Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, who left a job in home school due to bullying after posting pictures in a bathing suit.

And the story began with the fact that photos of Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, published in December 2018 in support of the winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, I noticed the mother of one of pupils of the Barnaul school №13.

A concerned parent sent pictures of a woman who is in the Altai Federation of tempering and winter swimming “polar bears”, in a special parent chat, and then sent them to the school Director Lyudmila Kuznetsova.

After receiving the pictures, the head of the educational institution called Tatyana Kuvshinnikova in his office. She stated that as Kuvshinnikova’s wearing in the picture on the frozen pond, “dress up only prostitutes.” A skirt above the knee and open toe shoes high heel she called “a stain on the reputation of the school” and ended the conversation by saying that such a rate “and to pedophilia in the neighborhood”.

Tatiana Kuvshinnikova was forced to resign a month after the publication of the photographs could not withstand the pressure from the school leadership, who has tortured her checks. After this story gained nationwide resonance. She stood up for the Minister of education of Altai Krai Maxim Kostenko — he said that teachers promoting a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged.

Friday in social networks is becoming increasingly popular hashtag #whiteshield, in which teachers from all over Russia post their pictures in bathing suits to prove that teachers have the right to private life and their Hobbies.

At the moment instagram — 14499 posts under that hashtag. Among the pictures which are spread in the network of Russian teachers, there are also quite erotic — teachers depicted on them in sports swimwear, as Tatiana Close and in lingerie and stockings. However, most of the photos are ordinary beach pictures that everyone has.