“The forgotten altar” / screen,

The Odesa eparchy of the UOC and the media “the Voice” continue their media project “the Forgotten altar”, which tells about the destruction of the temples of the city of Odessa.

As the press service of the diocese, in the new program we are talking about chapel of the Vorontsov Palace is dedicated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron Saint of Mikhail Vorontsov (the Governor-General).

Historic Odessa owes much to this state and military leaders, which strongly contributed to its construction and development (both physical and spiritual). Together with his wife Elizabeth Ksaverevna field-Marshal Vorontsov was promoted to construction and maintenance of a significant number of urban churches and orphanages. Read more about house Church and about the Palace, where this respectable family has lived for a dozen years, it is possible to see from the new transmission.

The author of the program Archpriest Konstantin Batuev together with the historian and ethnographer Alexander Chilli continue to work on new programs that will be of interest to all inhabitants and people interested in the history of Odessa.