Social networks exploded the attempts of Yulia Tymoshenko to become “closer to the people” for 2 weeks before the vote in the presidential election. The presidential candidate decided to show off buying a hot dog at one of the gas stations near Slavyansk in the Donbas.

However, instead of the rave reviews came across
criticism and ridicule. Video with the purchase of hot dogs Tymoshenko has published on his page in
social network Instagram.

In the video, she takes his hot dog, talking to
cashiers then go to the exit.

The social network basilis to joke about PR Tymoshenko
remembering the “poor” in the Declaration and attempt to advertise the network
gas stations. However, users have expressed doubt that active children and adults
a healthy diet Tymoshenko did eat the bought the hot dog.

We will remind, there was footage from the actual number of supporters of Tymoshenko.