The native of Ukraine is suspected in the high-profile College scandal USA

KIEV. March 15. UNN. A native of Ukraine may be involved in the scandal in the United States with fraud in admission to prestigious universities. Igor Dvorsky from West Hollywood participated in the scheme, which is called the largest in the history of U.S. higher education. It is reported by UNN citing “Voice of America”.

Dvorsky accused that he was taking bribes and assisted with examinations, the results of which were taken into account for admission to prestigious universities in the country. At the same time, publication on the website of the Beverly Press from 2010, noted that the full namesake of the accused Igor Dvorsky is a teacher in the United States.

According to the article, in 2010-m to year Igor Dvorsky worked at the school, which was created by his mother, Helen, who “has long worked in the field of education in Ukraine”. Probably, speech can go about one and the same person. The school website, created Dworkin, passes the site of West Hollywood College Preparatory School. As jobs Dvorsky, the prosecution indicates West Hollywood Test Center.

While it is not known whether the accused Igor Dvorsky employee of West Hollywood College Preparatory School.

Recall, the U.S. Department of justice March 12, accused of more than 30 wealthy people, including two TV stars, in the payment of bribes to enable their children to study in prestigious universities. This publication reports The Washington Post. According to the indictment, the applicants didn’t pass the exams, and they were allegedly adopted in universities as athletes, which they were not.

The prosecution also presented: the persons to whom was entrusted, in fact, the exams, the results of which were taken into account when deciding on the entry into the universities; sports coaches, who are accused of fabricating sporting achievements of students (in the US sporting success can facilitate the entry of persons to the University, if it pays particular attention to the development of a particular sport) and advisors at the University. The last accused that they coordinated the whole process.

Participants and organizers of the scheme helped to join the most prestigious US universities, including Yale University and the University of southern California.

According to the publication The New York Times, in the center of the scandal are organizations Edge College & Career Network and Key Worldwide Foundation, which, according to the charges, worked together. They allegedly helped students cheat on the exams, and paid bribes to sports trainers who could contribute to University entrance.