In the games with Slovakia and Turkey part of our team debuted four players – Andriy Boryachuk, Igor Plastun, Vitaly Nikolenko and Marian Swede.

But the number of new faces in the team could be and a half times more.

The current call beginners is the mass after the review a year ago, when four debuted in one friendly match with Slovakia.


The team did not qualified for the world Cup, and the time was before the infusion of fresh blood, to test recruits in. To fill the November window, destined for the play-offs, has kindly agreed Slovaks. Who was invited? On the problematic position of the attacker in the absence of Artem Besedin, who was the youth team need to conduct qualifying matches CHE-2019 was caused by Yuri Kolomiets, putting in three consecutive League matches four goals, which became known Shevchenko. Then Yuri, however, three matches before the national team without goals, but the decision has been made.

Kalomoira, who played all 90 minutes, even praised. Although more for something that is not confused, trying to play along with the partners, just a penalty, not earned… That’s just the goals are not developed. Even in the championship. The winter another one in the spring and three. Now I have none. In 15 rounds! In 13 games personally Kalomoira.

In the same match with Slovakia made her debut, playing a bit in the end, Alexander Andrievsky noted before a hat-trick in the match against “Ukraine”, Serhiy Miakushko, caused by two successful free throws “Vorskla” and “Dinamo”, as well as Artem Shabanov, good stared at “Olympic”. But the Alexander One and Vyacheslav tankovskyi left in stock. Now from all this company the candidates listed only One, dopisanie to the national team after an epidemic of injuries to Central defenders, but he had spent on the bench in the game with Turkey.


The second broad set of course, the very first. Andriy Shevchenko took the national team in the summer of 2016, succeeding after a failed Euro-2016 the post of assistant Mykhailo Fomenko on the post of the chief. New coach decided to do without test matches before the start of the qualifying campaign for the 2018 world Cup, or maybe just the possibility to organize the sparring was not. The team was in need of updating, and the newcomers had to quit the battle without verification.

The most problematic was seen as the position of the wingbacks. Artem Fedetskiy frankly is not pulled, although occasionally, and was called when he was playing “Darmstadt”. Vyacheslav Shevchuk had long been held in Shakhtar, where the number of the third rank of the left back, just finished with football. In were available only Bogdan Butko, who is capable of playing on the right, where his native place, and left. Just in case I thought of another representative of the “Carpathians” Pavel Ksenzov (as a right-wing defender), but this call on Iceland and remained only a pleasant episode in his career.

Visited the team and two young striker “Dnipro” – Artem Doubek and Denis Balanyuk. We can only guess for what purpose. Just in case: agents are the players different.

Bohdan Butko occupying the position of right-back, giving way to Alexander Karavayev, which in General is not a defender (but necessary) only by reason of the disqualification or, as it is now, falling out of the starting lineup of Shakhtar. N over time, Shevchenko decided to bet on more creative Alexandra Karavaeva, debuted in the national team even when Fomenko.

In the game against Iceland two years ago left played then defended the colors of “Dawn” Eduard Sobol and stayed there until his disqualification for the game against Croatia. Replaced it played then for Karpaty Mykola Matvienko and did not go out, even changing the Lviv club “Vorskla”, and then on the bench of Shakhtar.

Now Nikolai is in order, having to prove that it can successfully play not only left, but right and center. But the other two debutants of September 2016 is not in favor. Sable sits confidently on the bench in “Jablonec”, Eugene Shakhov effaced in PAOK, where he barely plays. His position came other current and former players “the Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”, fill the entire midfield.


The team, mostly former – Ruslan Malinovsky and Alexander Zinchenko made his debut in the national team even before Shevchenko. In season 2016/17 began to show itself, the young Dynamo. As a consequence – the emergence in the national team first Victor Tsygankov from Artem Usov Besedina (midfielder even more expected to be the first team than the youth). Then Vladimir Shepelev, and in the following season and Vitaliy buialskyi with Nikolay Shaparenko. They would have to “Dinamo” to become indispensable… And then may repeat the history with Victor Kovalenko, whom Shevchenko even under pressure the team did not take, and only now had.

Well, last matches show that young Dynamo is obtained. And role even in the “Dynamo” Sergey Sidorchuk and Denis Garmash, is becoming less significant. Someone, of course, will not pull in the team above the player rotation, but the potential is almost everyone.

Dynamo still defenders in the national team set – Nikita Burda and his Mikolenko, bringing the number of debutants Dynamo era Shevchenko to nine. In addition, the pupils of “Dynamo” Roman Yaremchuk with Serhiy Miakushko. Yevhen Makarenko is not a newcomer, but also because Dynamo.

At the end of summer might seem that way up close to the top scoring team in our bezrybe Nazar Rusin. But not pulled, dissolving toothless in the game “Dynamo” of the period.


It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that the recruits Andriy Shevchenko, only one player of Shakhtar. And he Marlos (although, of course, do not forget about those who were in rent). How to explain this? Explain paraphrased winged saying the character’s “Operation y”: “Everything has been overplayed. Up to you.” And indeed, through the national team even before Shevchenko passed all the Ukrainian Shakhtar players and no one have the impression that this is done under the order. Who is there today is still not covered? Alexei Shevchenko, Andriy Totovytskyi? So you should at least three consecutive games to play, and an invitation will follow. Like Victor Kovalenko, as for Sergey Bolbat like Andriy Boyarchuk. Oleg Danchenko has played – just received. Later, however, sat on the bench at Shakhtar, but calling to cancel did not. Wait, when I get better Ivan Ordets, Maksym Malyshev, Vyacheslav tankovskyi, agree to come by Yaroslav Rakitskiy. And another possible (probably not two) variant, to which we are…

Rumors about the Brazilians went a long time. Not only Marlos they appeared. Most desirable, of course, was Tyson. His call-up to Brazil at the September games 2016, the year may have been the catalyst for naturalization Marlos, who, though at that time should have attrubute in Ukraine for another four months. About ismaily if not muddled.

Marlos appeared suddenly in the national team – before the final qualifying matches for the 2018 world Cup with Kosovo and Croatia. And it seems that neither Shevchenko nor the relevant services did not expect such a surprise. Services-it is easier – corrected the document that Marlos was able to move to Albania, where he played with the Kosovars, apart from the whole team. Fit well right midfielder there, where there were already Yarmolenko proved to be much more difficult. In the game with Kosovo have a ride – so there is only half was and they – no. Against Croatia the coach for Marlos donated Yarmolenko, otradi it in the center, the result was lost two…

In June of this year, before leaving for the summer holidays, in a friendly match with Albania (4:1) Shevchenko finally managed to stromal Marlos in the scheme. Played in the pleasure. In the September-October matches of the League of Nations it was perfect. The rout that I will not be surprised now that he’s failed experiments, although experiments can not call it using ahead Boryachuk or Kovalenko, will start intensive propaganda in Donetsk another option is found. Well, you know who it is.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine