The men claim involvement in the conflict OPG, which “nightmare” of the city and the surrounding area since 2014.
Eyewitnesses claim that the militiamen who were on duty at the Country, did not take any action Acpolicy Ukrainianiphone on weight complex in the suburbs of Odessa was because of the intent to reallocate control of shady schemes.

Read cachepot Odessa on the control trucks have been attacked with gunfire: there are victims (photos, video)

About this Facebook said Advisor to the head of the regional Central Directorate of national police Ruslan Forostyak. According to him, the incident in the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region, which yesterday injured three people, involved representatives of “Ukravtodor” and “Ukrtransstroi”.

He argues that the conflict near the village Country were involved “aunts” involved with both sides of the confrontation.

“It’s about the struggle and the control of shady schemes on the weight complex between Avtodor and the “Ukrtransleasing”. Some “titushky” acted in favor of one side, the other decided to take control in their hands and padmaraja other “aunts”, – Forostyak wrote.

He focuses on the fact that it was unclear why representatives of the public organization “Ukrainian transport Union” together with employees “Ukrtransstroi” on a weight complex.

“How is it that the light and camera was disabled in the “Ukrtransstroi” on a weight complex during the attack?… I’m sure soon we will get answers to these and other questions related to this audacious attack and the weight of the complex in General”, – Forostyak wrote.

He also notes that some of the suspects already detained. According to him, it was done because of the actions of the patrol who serve in the neighborhood of a weight complex.

At the same time, eyewitnesses claim that the militiamen who were on duty at the Country took no action to stop the attackers.

According to the chief of the National police in Odessa region Dmitry Golovin, the actions of the patrol will be given the appropriate rating.

According to representatives of the public organization “Ukraine is we”, a surveillance camera caught last night to the weighted complex convoy drove more than 20 vehicles, which, as expected, were the attackers.

As noted by the expert from the public Commission “Group 2 may” a former law enforcement Vladislav Serdyuk, in the attack on the post suspected very famous in Odessa “activists”.

“This is a sustainable OPG “nightmare” of the city and the surrounding area since 2014. And getting away with it because “patriots”, – said Serdyuk.

In the Odessa city hall reported that in the Odessa city hospital No. 1 was delivered three victims.

As UNIAN reported earlier, late in the evening on April 16 in the suburb of Odessa on a weight complex armed intruders attacked the staff “Ukrtransstroi” and representatives of the public organization “Ukrainian transport Union”.

As a result of incident three men were injured and taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity. In addition, mechanical damage was a few cars together.

Information on this fact are brought in the Unified register of pretrial investigations under part 4 of article 296 of the Criminal code (“hooliganism”).