Ex-NASA and Apple engineer mark Rober has installed in his garden a bird feeder, but quickly noticed a problem: quirky local squirrel stealing from the birds all the food. The mark doesn’t come up with anything easier than creating squirrel insane obstacle course ninja warriors.

He came, however, to make this decision immediately. First he tried several different feeders for the birds with protection from squirrels and every time I watched them not justify themselves before the tenacious paws surprisingly intelligent rodent. This (and partly boredom during the quarantine) inspired Mark to take further action.

The obstacle course was really decent: it has a maze, a rope bridge and even a catapult… In the case, if the protein passes the test, she is entitled to unimpeded access to a huge pile of walnuts.

Incredibly, the squirrels here have found ways to cheat and disrupt a route, which led to Robert several times to alter and complicate obstacles. During the passage of the strip no protein was injured! And to verify this, we recommend you to watch an exciting video that mark was dedicated to his experiment.

Source — Mark Rober