The most unusual fountains in the world

27.08.2018 18:51

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As you know, on the water you can watch endlessly. Perhaps that is why in any city you can find a element of Aqua — fountain. For example, in Moscow there are more than five hundred pieces. The largest fountain complex of the capital is located on the Manege square. And the largest volumes of water — on Poklonnaya hill. But, unfortunately for Muscovites and the capital’s fountains are not called interesting or unusual in the world. But such can be found in other parts of the world. The most unusual fountains according to Forbes.

The king Fahd’s fountain (Jeddah) — the highest

The king Fahad fountain, or simply the Jeddah fountain, is the name is the highest fountain in the world. The idea of its construction came up to the city authorities in the early 1980-ies. The city needed the main attraction, and the choice fell on the fountain.

His project was very concise: as the Foundation has installed the thicket, made in the form of traditional incense burner for incense, which had to beat a powerful jet of water. In 1983, when the fountain was opened, the jet scored to a height of 120 m, but this government was not enough. The project was finalized, and two years later a fountain was throwing water column to a height of 312 meters.

In addition to the dizzying height of the fountain is also interesting because it is in the sea, which is very difficult from an engineering point of view. The king Fahd fountain runs continuously and only turn it off for two reasons: a planned inspection or due to strong wind.

Dubai Fountain — the largest and most expensive
The highest building in the world, a giant aquarium, a huge duty free. Dubai authorities like to impress the tourists.

In 2009, the city held the official opening of the biggest and most expensive fountain in the world, or rather, the whole fountain complex located on an artificial lake.