The most famous ocean liner and the last passenger, the giant of the XX century, the ship “Queen Elizabeth 2” has gained eternal Parking. It will be a combination of hotel, Museum, theme Park and complex of luxury residential real estate on the waterfront of the Emirate of Dubai. Designers have tried to preserve historical features and add a bit of functionality, a huge edifice with a displacement of 70,000 tons.

The ship Queen Elizabeth 2 was launched in 1967, it was created to remind you what the power was called the “mistress of the seas”. The focus of the advanced technologies of the time, including space and incredible speed coupled with low fuel consumption, innovative design of the hull, through which the liner can squeeze into the narrowness of the Panama canal and visit the most ports of the world. UK have built new symbol of his power, which passed 6 million nautical miles, carried 2.5 million passengers and has undertaken 25 world tour, plus the usual 1400 flights.

In 1982, during the war in the Falkland Islands, a cruise liner converted for military purposes – he took soldiers and ammunition, successfully avoiding the attacks of the enemy. The glorious path of the unique vehicle ended with the advent of the new century and the introduction of strict regulations that the old monster could not match. Instead of upgrading a different path was chosen, and after 2.7 million spent man-hours of work, the liner Queen Elizabeth 2 turned into an original tourist destination.

On Board the ship deliberately kept the interiors and equipment of all eras that he went through, including an original restaurant British cuisine sample 1969. Guests can stay in a cabin that once was forever reserved for the British Queen, to smoke a cigar in the historic yacht club and see the best decor of the era of space discovery. Says Manager, Queen Elizabeth 2 goes to the new swimming – history of cruise liners.

Source — PCFC