The mobile application Circle Invest promises to give bitcoins to new users

KIEV. 14 Nov. UNN. The mobile application Circle Invest intends to attract new users through payments of their bonuses in the form of cryptocurrency, reports UNN with reference to Тokenpost.

It is necessary to fulfill the following conditions Circle Invest: download the app for iOS or Android to make an initial investment and publish a tweet about it.

“Users Circle Invest will get one of the on the platform of cryptocurrency 10 days after the end of November and 10 days after the end of December. Perhaps new users will receive a cryptocurrency like bitcoin”, – writes the edition.

Recall that many countries fear the legalization of cryptocurrency.

Earlier UNN reported that in America, bitcoin is considered “sveshnikovym asset”.

Ukraine, meanwhile, continues to be defined in the regulation of cryptocurrency market from the point of view of the legislation.

Registered in the Parliament several draft laws on the legalization of digital money, and recently it was decided to combine them into a single document.

The author of one of the bills about cryptocurrency is the MP from the RPL Serhiy Rybalka (last year he was fired from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee BP). His paper, however, experts of the Bitcoin Foundation called senseless and populist.

Moreover, the co-author of the bill about bitcoin Fishing made a citizen’s wife Anastasia Bayborodina. And this act colleagues of the radical party called at least “unethical”.