The U.S. state Department fabricated the accusations against Russia of alleged violations of the open skies Treaty, in order to divert attention from the failures of DON from the USA and their allies, the commentary said Russian foreign Ministry.

  • RIA Novosti

The foreign Ministry noted that U.S. independent experts in the field DON has repeatedly expressed its disagreement with the qualification of Russia’s actions as “violations” of the Treaty.

“What fabricated these accusations? On the one hand, apparently, this is due to the desire to divert attention from really serious cases of violation and non-compliance with the DON on the part of the USA, their allies and wards,” — said the Russian Ministry.

While at the state Department, as indicated, these problems ignore.

“The reason may be the negative attitude of the members of Congress and military-political establishment of the US directly to the contract, their desire to pre-fabricate a “reason” for their own steps in the collapse of another agreement in the military-political sphere”, — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In Moscow, also recalled the five violations of the DON from the US.

“We have questions to some of the other States parties to the DON. But we do not consider this sufficient basis to withdraw from the contract, slamming the door,” added the Ministry.

Is there urged to start to discuss mutual claims on an equal and mutually respectful basis.

Earlier the adviser to the President for national security Robert O’brien said that Russia had not used the open skies Treaty “properly”.

May 21, U.S. President Donald trump announced the US withdrawal from the DON.

The decision shall enter into force six months.