The media talked about the condition of the victims in a terrible accident in Kharkov

The culprit of the tragedy were brought to the hospital under escort


Currently, six injured in accident in Kharkiv remain in hospitals, two of the most difficult, the sister in the intensive care unit after surgery, according to TSN.

Regarding the status of the injured pregnant woman and the doctors say that the injury is not heavy, but because of the stress it requires intensive care to maintain pregnancy. Predictions about encouraging her, saying that the pregnancy was saved.

It also became known that during the night in the hospital turned three of the victims are drivers of cars-participants of road accident the passenger of the Lexus.

The Volkswagen driver and passenger of the SUV refused hospitalization.

The driver of the Lexus were brought to the hospital under escort. “She pathology of the internal organs was revealed. In fact, so under escort from us and she left. It is not hospitalized,” – said the doctor of the Kharkiv hospital ambulance Andrew Kozachenko.

According to the prosecution, the suspicion has already been approved against the driver of the Lexus in the near future the court will direct the petition for election measures of restraint.

At the same time, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the girl has been arrested by the court.

Recall, October 18, at nine o’clock in the evening on one of the Central streets of Kharkov there was a terrible accident – SUV Lexus RX 350, at the wheel which was 20-summer Elena Zaitseva, crashed into another car and rammed the crowd of people standing at the crosswalk.

As a result of incident five people were killed on the spot, another six were hospitalized.

According to local newspaper NewsRoom, citing several sources, she is the foster daughter of the Kharkov businessman Vasily Zaitsev, President of the “Group – Typhoon” and is also the Chairman of the Board and CEO of PJSC “PTP “ukrenergochermet”. Also she is half sister to ex-Deputy Prosecutor of the Cherkassk area times Pshonka Dmitry Zaitsev, who now is wanted. The girl is studying in Kharkiv national University named Karazin.