One problem faced by probably every urban cyclist: steel horse takes a lot of space in the apartment. But the bike does not have to take so much space. This is a fundamentally fine car – only a few centimeters in width, if not spreading the wheel (and, to a lesser extent pedals).

Startup Revelo Thinstem proposes to replace the existing steering removal on your bike on its development, which will allow you to crank the wheel 90 degrees, regardless of the front wheel. The cost of the mechanism is $70 – $90 depending on the size of the takeaway. Additionally, you can buy folding or removable pedals.

Thinstem is 90 mm, or 70 mm in length and has 1″ and 1.25″ handlebars. Installation on a conventional bike it takes only 5 minutes. The only tool you may need is a wrench. After installation Thinstem operates with a simple lever. When the wheel is unlocked, it can be lifted up and turn 90 degrees. Then the lever again to lock.

Of course, not all Thinstem is the best solution. The nuances that need to keep in mind: if you have a basket on the handlebars, you won’t win by turning it 90 degrees. Will also have to sacrifice some of the functionality if the Bicycle has a non-traditional adjustable rod. The wheel after manipulation can change the position of hands and body when driving, if it does not match the previous setting.

But these are minor complaints. Thinstem seeks to solve the General problem of cyclists and makes it simple and reliable mechanism.

Source — Revelo Thinstem