Photos of the Massacre not happened: in the Kharkov city Council commented, “shooting” at schoolPhoto: Gorod

The head of the press service of mayor’s office denied the information about the wounded woman

14.11.18 151000

In the Kharkiv mayor’s office denied the information about the shooting at school No. 17, in which suffered the woman. A publication placed the head of the Department of the city Council on issues of information and public relations Department, Yuri Sidorenko on his page in Facebook.

The official has denied the information about the wounded woman. In his words, “shooting” was conducted from the plastic gun balls of the same material.

“The eighth-grader, according to witnesses, shot in the ceiling, ricocheted from it. Injuries and there were no injuries. The massacre did not work”, – wrote the representative of the municipality.

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Earlier, the group 1654 Kharkiv posted Facebook message about the shooting at Kharkov school №17. A schoolboy allegedly brought a traumatic gun and during the break shot the mother of one of pupils, 10 meters, wounding her in the neck.