Corps United States marine corps (U.S. Marine Corps) has published a list of features that should have a promising attack drone. In fact, this is the Lite version of the fighter 5th generation F-35. The main idea is to replace, albeit ultra-modern, but expensive car cost 120 million dollars, a much cheaper drone, able to fly as normal airfields, and from the decks of amphibious ships.

The drone, called the MUX will be multifunctional. Its tasks include early warning, surveillance, intelligence, electronic warfare, relay connection. In addition it will be tasked air support, escort, strike air groups and the delivery of goods.

MUX, like the Huey helicopter can take off and land vertically. It will operate at an altitude of over 9000 m in the range of about 1130 km, which can be increased by refueling.

Despite the fact that the main function of the MUX – unarmed security, the Marines want to see it the entire Arsenal of the F-35 – anti-tank missiles the Hellfire weapons system to accurately hit targets, anti-radar missiles AGM-88E, controlled by precision bombs, missiles “air-air” near and average range.

U. S. Marine Corps also wants MUX provided an armed escort for the fleet of the convertiplane V-22 Osprey when executing amphibious operations. Each of these devices can carry up to 24 Marines and fly at a speed of over 470 km/h.