In the Scottish city of Glasgow was found in the house of a drunken stranger.

“The couple woke me up and asked: “who are You?” — says the man in a video posted on Facebook. — And I answer them: “what are you? I was here last night at the party””. Then the master of the house assured the stranger that was no party.

It later emerged that the night before the Scot took a taxi towards his home, but messed up the front door. “I went, took shelter and fell asleep,” he recalls. In the morning the family found the kitchen a plate of noodles, and sleeping on the couch of a stranger. “I guess I was preparing myself something to eat,” explained the stranger.

The owners gave the man a Cup of tea and a cigarette. In the video, which became viral in social networks, the Scot thanked the family for their warm hospitality.