Mykolaiv international airport continues to develop – step by step is a complete recovery of the enterprise. This issue has the support of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine. The airport operates international flights, and soon – in may start and domestic transportation. Continues equipment of the airfield with the necessary equipment, which further expands the capacity of the airport. About this said the Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko.

So, in may of the Nikolaev airport can be flight capital. This was told Alexey Savchenko, during the exit meeting in Nikolaev with the participation of Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan.

According to the head region, a corresponding agreement was recently reached with the airline “Motor Sich”. “Thanks to the support of the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Yemelyan we got the opportunity to talk with the company “Motor Sich” are relative to the start of regular flights on the route “Nikolaev-Kiev-Nikolaev”. Now the regional state administration together with the city authorities and airport management fulfills a number of issues in this direction. And it is hoped that from may Mykolaiv international airport will perform flights to Kiev”, – said Alexey Savchenko.

besides, enterprise “Mykolaiv international airport” purchased modern geyser. Directly reported to the acting Director Theodore Barna. Deicer designed to handle aircraft de-icing fluid. The technique has a closed cabin that allows staff to perform work in all weather conditions.

“Deicer helps to make the airport, because the service processing aircraft anti-icing fluid is to be paid separately by the airlines. The cost of one litre of the special fluid is about 4 Euros. As a result, in winter, the airport provides 1 service and has additional income,” says Theodore Barna.

Recall that in 2017-2018, after a long break, in the Nikolaev international airport was the reconstruction of strategic facilities (the renovated runway, the restored platform, the partial renovation of the terminal building) and resumed production services (repair of navigation systems, the aviation security service).

In the Program of airport development for 2017-2020 years, supported by deputies of the Nikolaev regional Council, which is the stable operation of the enterprise. Now the technical possibilities of the airport allow to accept all types of aircrafts of civil aviation.

In addition, the continued modernization of KP “international airport Nikolaev” is included in the list of regional projects whose implementation is planned within a long-term plan of development of nikolayevshchina to 2019-2021 years.

The modernization project provides for the upgrade of the airport, improvement of navigation, and meteorological observations for use in adverse weather conditions, construction of the terminal. After the completion of all works, the airport will be able to take around 45 aircraft a day and cater for up to 1200 passengers per hour.

On the interdepartmental Commission for the assessment of compliance of investment programs and regional development projects can be financed by the state Fund for regional development, held on 21 March, was accepted for funding 41.5 million UAH of funds DFR for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of radio engineering means of landing KP “international airport Nikolaev”.

For today the Nikolaev international airport on a regular basis maintains international links with Egypt, and may have connections with Turkey.