Moscow can turn “the Azov” scenario to expand its presence in the territorial waters of Denmark and Germany under the pretext of protecting the gas pipeline of the Kremlin.

DiXi Group notes
the Kremlin will have to cover their aggression “protection” of the pipeline
“Nord stream – 2”, trying to expand its presence in the Danish and
German territorial waters, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to analysts,
as in the Ukrainian scenario, the Russian army, private military companies or
security Department of “Gazprom” is able to get into the 12-mile

It is worth remembering that in
2007 Russia passed a law allowing Gazprom and
Transneft to buy weapons to use private units
security ostensibly to “protect” strategic infrastructure from
“terrorist attacks”.

To prevent
new aggression of the Russians at sea, the West needs to condemn the actions of Russia in the Azov,
“hint” about readiness to expand NATO and revoke permissions
gas project of the Kremlin.

The expert also voiced the true causes of Russian provocations in the sea of Azov.

We will remind, the Deputy of the Aryans spoke harshly about Putin, the guy from “lady of the sea” soon
will go to “the broken trough”.

Earlier, former MP
The state Duma Ponomarev said that the attack on the Ukrainian court is a fatal mistake of the Kremlin.