The Kremlin announced a telephone conversation with Putin Poroshenko

The participants of the meeting “channel four” in Berlin on 30 may, will hear representatives of the OSCE


In the coming days after the preparation of the special report of the OSCE mission has held a telephone conversation the leaders of the “Normandy Quartet” comprising Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.

This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, we are talking about a telephone conversation.

The Russian side during the talks will be represented by state Secretary, Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. He said that the meeting “channel four” in Berlin on 30 may, will hear representatives of the OSCE and heads of working groups of the Contact group on settling the situation in Donbas.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday, may 30, will host a meeting of Deputy foreign Ministers of the Normandy Quartet. Such a mechanism is spelled out in the Declaration, the four leaders – immediately after the Minsk agreements in 2015, adopted the Declaration of the presidents of Russia, France, the German Chancellor and the President of Ukraine. We have reached that will periodically meet the so-called monitoring mechanism at the level of zamglavy the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the political Directors with the aim to summarize everything that happens and give the pulse to accelerate,” said Karasin.

We will remind, the President of France Emmanuel macron at today’s press-conference after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin made a number of harsh statements.

According to him, inoveshchatelnaya Russian state media Russia Today and Sputnik publish fake news, so he considers justified the ban on the admission of journalists in these media in his headquarters during the race. The head of France called these media “tools of influence and propaganda”.

Meanwhile, Putin said that the Makron did not raise the issue of a possible Russian intervention in the French elections. This was confirmed by the President of France. Putin said in this connection that his meeting with the chief rival of Marconi in the election of marine Le Pen does not mean attempting to influence the electoral process. Commenting on this situation, Putin has noticed that she asked about the meeting, and does not understand why one would refuse her.

Following the meeting, the Makron also noted that sanctions against Russia could be tightened in case of escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. Putin, in turn, said that sanctions against Moscow will not contribute to stabilisation in the East of Ukraine.

The French President also said that together with the Russian leader is in favour of early negotiations in the “Norman format” with the report of the OSCE.