The difference in the class “Ajax” and “Dynamo” for anybody not a secret, but yesterday in Amsterdam the team of Alexander Khatskevich and even fatal with no luck. Denys Boyko lost already caught the ball over the line for the first goal, the Hyper-active in attack Tamas Kadar became an unwitting co-author of the second, outright failure of defense allowed the opponent to score the third. Before the second meeting, which will take place next Tuesday, only goal Tomas kenzari of encouraging…

Champions League

4th qualifying round

Ajax – Dynamo – 3:1 (3:1)

Goals: van de Beek, 2 (1:0). KENDZERA, 15 (1:1). Sieh, 35 (2:1). Tadic, 43 (3:1).

“Ajax” (Holland): Onan, blind, Tagliafico, de Ligt, Mazroui, Tadic, Shen, Sieh, van de Beek (de wit, 87), de Jong, Huntelaar.

“Dynamo” (Ukraine): Boyko, Kadar, Pivaric, KENDZERA, Burda Garmash (Shepelev, 46), Sydorchuk (Che Che, 77), Buialskyi, Verbic, Besedin, Tsygankov.

Warning: Huntelar, 21. KENDZERA, 24. Garmash, 40. Talarico, 70.

Referee: Kulbakov (France).

22 Aug. Amsterdam. Stadium “Johan Cruijff ArenA”.


from Amsterdam

Ajax for the Dutch capital – forming phenomenon. To root for him for the residents of Amsterdam – transmitted from generation to generation tradition and a sign of good taste: it is impossible to imagine that someone from the local suddenly began to sympathize with “Den Hagu” or “Feyenord” in Europe, not to mention the championship – although the local compact the standards of the Hague with Rotterdam are at arm’s length.

At the same time supports their team in Amsterdam the audience fanatically. We drove up to the arena wearing since April the name of Johan Cruyff, happily passing traffic, but as soon as the bus emerges from under the bridge and enter the territory of the stadium as we were inside most of this performance. For the future refueling of beer, closely zabrodivshie area fans in red and white shirts choir sang the anthem “Ajax”. It turned out not very gracefully, but atmospheric.


The second hand had barely completed the first turn when crowded stands groaned with joy, arrived from the right flank shell Dusan Tadic dropped in a touch under attack Donny van de Beek – Denys Boyko responded, but suddenly released the ball is caught behind the line…

Inspired by the home again went forward, almost holding his half of the field – and now in the penalty to remain calm (who knows what he is worth at the time and later) Boyko burned with real fire. Klas-Jan Huntelaar failed to connect with a flank canopy, the long shot of Frankie De Jong went wide of the goal.

Not to say that the Dynamo is not crossed the center line. Benjamin, Verbic in one of the few, to be Frank, attacks his team earned a corner – and Kiev had the first chance to restore the balance. Tamas Kadar Pauleta closed cross from the corner, but Andre Onan, showing miracles of flexibility, turned the ball away for a corner.


The goalkeeper parried the shot of Hungarian, again won the fight in the penalty area and a minute later, but managed to finish off Tomas KENDZERA sent the ball into the empty net. Thus satisfying your sniper ambitions are not appreciated by the arbitrator a recent meeting with “Alexandria”.

Talk about what the front line gradually leveled off, it would be too bold. But it is worth noting that Huntelaar only at the cost of a yellow card stopped promising breakthrough Verbicha. Onan rescued again parried the shot by Josip pivaric the free kick. No less acutely did two lunge Kiev, which, however, the impact is not reached – too much tightened Viktor Tsygankov with the decision.

But Hakim Zieh time to think did not hit the ball out of the penalty area, at random. The chance that a shot will reach the goal, it was a bit: smartly controlled the trajectory, but Kadar, until then, good in attack, in the performance of duties blunder. Ricochet from substituted their heads – and the opposition goalkeeper had only to pursue flying in the angle of the ball look.


The activity of the opponents were the players, “Ajax”, of course, not for everyone. Some times they only price outright rudeness stopped speeding was a Dynamo, but if knocked down Tsygankov (replay confirmed the validity of the penalty), shaking off the turf with t-shirts, without further ADO back in the game, then opened to redistribution Denys Harmash didn’t just decided to talk to not punish the opponent by the referee – a terrible kind of looked him in the face.

Clement Stavrev, of course, punished Garmash “yellow card”, and Alexander Khatskevich even at the break replaced him with Vladimir Shepelev. What did the coach of the offending player in the locker room and said, if at all, we (at least, at the time) could only guess.

Blocking the attack appeared on the operating room Artem Besedin, Ajax went into a new attack and again succeeded. Defenders Tadic left unattended directly in the goalkeeper – Nicholas Talarico should only not to be mistaken with a precision cross from the left edge, and the Tadic – not to miss in the empty corner with a couple of meters. On impotent to do anything in this situation Boyko was painful to watch…


Ajax continued to control the ball in the second half. Hung on the flank of Siah, fell looking for a penalty, van de Beek, shot past the “nine” were right in front of the gate, Huntelar. Speed was no longer the same, and gradually the people of Kiev managed to apply pressure on the opponent’s half of the field. Looked a real chance of Vitaliy buialskyi close transfer Tsygankova volley – is a principal consultant de Licht knocked the ball almost to the goal line.

Attack “the Dynamo” demanded the strengthening and shortly after, Huntelar horse won the fight and punched the ball into the crossbar, Khatskevich has already carried out a strategic not a tactical substitution. A little tired of Serhiy Sydorchuk replaced Th Th, however, the problem is complete, was still relevant. As an illustration, one minute in the penalty area “Ajax” nobody responded to Protel of Canzeri from the flank.

Directly the smartly struck Huntelaar after a corner, and a little later (with time slipping like sand through his fingers), Dynamo goalkeeper almost became the author of assists. Own goal: transfer to the left edge went Shehu, which caught the defender a classic trick, got in the bar.


This is where it ended. The Khatskevich has until Tuesday to come up with a “plan B”.

Sport-Express in Ukraine