The Kenyan received the award in one million dollars as the best teacher in the world

Peter Tabaci

Source: BBC

KIEV. March 25. UNN. School teacher from Kenyan villages, to give large part of their salaries to help poor students, received the award in one million dollars as the best teacher in the world. It is reported by UNN with reference to BBC.

Peter Tabaci, science teacher and member of a religious Order of the Franciscans, became the winner of the annual award Global Teacher Prize.

Tabaci every month pays up to 80% of their salary on books and form the poorest students, many of whom lost parents. His school in the village of pwani mchangani is constantly short of funds.

The school, according to Taichi, there is a severe lack of teachers and schoolbooks. Classes here for up to 70-80 people. Many of the kids every morning go to school on foot for six or more kilometers.

“Money is not everything,” Peter said. He hopes to instill in the children a love of science.

Taichi visits the families, children of which rarely appear in the classroom, and convinces the parents that are going to give their adolescent daughters in marriage, to allow them to finish schooling.

His students won prizes at national and international scientific competitions, including the prize of the British Royal society of chemistry.

The prize Global Teacher Prize awarded by the Varkey Foundation every year. Her jury consists of about 150 people.

The purpose of the award, according to its founder, Indian businessman Sunny varkey, raising the prestige of the teaching profession.

This year the winner was chosen from more than ten thousand applicants, representing 179 countries.

The story of brother Peter should inspire everyone who wants to become a teacher, commented on the victory of Taichi the founder of the award, Sunny varkey.

Recall that in Ukraine in 2019 will start to work the education Ombudsman, who will resolve a controversial issue between students, their parents and teachers.