The judge, accused of extortion, was allowed to go home even without a bracelet – the GPU

The case of Bobovsky was the first time that the High Council of justice has approved the conclusion of the judge into custody


The Shevchenkovsky regional court of the capital chose a measure of restraint for the judge of Suvorovsky district court of Odessa Konstantin Bobovsky, the detention of which was approved by the High Council of justice, in the form of house arrest.

This was announced by the Deputy public Prosecutor Dmitry Storozhuk in comments to UKRINFORM.

However, Bobovsky, whom the Prosecutor suspects in the extortion and the desire of obtaining illegal benefit by the participants of the case put under house arrest without even having to wear an electronic bracelet.

“The court released judge under house arrest with no bracelet. We will appeal, ” – said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Recall the case of Bobovsky, a suspect in the extortion and bribery, became the first in Ukraine, when the Supreme Council of justice has approved the issue of granting consent to the conclusion of the judge into custody.

The Prosecutor’s office insisted on the detention of the Odessa judges, as the investigation believes that he can exert pressure on witnesses and to take advantage of contacts in law enforcement to avoid justice.