Photos, videos Ivy League in the center of the scandal. As American celebrities have become corrupt for the sake of the children, the Actress felicity Huffman in court/Photo: ABC

Just installed 50 people who paid admission of their children into the top universities

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In the United States and around the world to discuss the corruption scandal involving children of the rich and famous, who for bribes disguised as donations, got into prestigious universities of the Ivy League. About it writes the People.

New details and new defendants in the case. There are about fifty. The most famous was actress Lori loughlin, who played in the TV series “Full house” and felicity Huffman, who played a mother in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”.

We already know that felicity has paid 15 thousand dollars for something that her 18-year-old daughter, Sophia enrolled at the University. She had passed two examinations, and the results differ markedly. The second time she wrote the test together with the rector, who told her the right answers.

For a Deposit of a quarter of a million dollars actress felicity Huffman released. Neither she nor her husband press do not allow comments.

And the actress, Lori loughlin has paid a total of half a million dollars in exchange for the fact that both her daughters Olivia and Isabella were enrolled in the University of southern California, despite the fact that they didn’t even passed the entrance exam. Also in both there is evidence that they were actively involved in rowing and even was in the school team.

Lori with her husband Massimo/ Photo: Daily Mail

Laura is now abroad, so in return she is required to appear in court. Until the FBI interviewed her husband, designer Massimo Gianelli.

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The media found out that the notorious list is your record. Someone from wealthy parents paid six million dollars for admission of their child to a prestigious University.

All these payments are processed as a donation to charity. Assistance was also provided by a William singer, the founder of the Key Worldwide and Edge College & Career Network. Officially, his company provided Advisory assistance to enroll, unofficially, he had children of rich parents in prestigious universities for money. Journalists have already calculated that in 2011 it received more than $ 25 million.

William singer before zadnjem court/Photo: PG/Rachpoot/MEGA

In addition to the stars of show business turned out for the arrival of their offspring paid businessmen, lawyers and just rich people. So, Elizabeth Kimmel, President of Midwest Television paid 275 thousand dollars that her daughter got into Georgetown University, and a son in the University of southern California. At first her son supposedly made a lot of progress in tennis, and then suddenly became a promising vaulter, enabling him to go to College. But his success was illustrated with photographs of a completely different person.

In addition to wealthy parents in the scheme were involved University professors, professors, coaches.

So, one of the defendants in the case, Gordon Ernst, now tennis coach at the University of Rhode island, in his time was a personal trainer, first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters.

As evidence, prosecutors cite phone calls, correspondence, also some of the defendants in the case have already started to testify.

It is noteworthy that prominent new York lawyer Gordon Kaplan, who built a daughter in College over 75 thousand dollars in phone calls was more worried that the deception was revealed, because in this outcome with his daughter “would be finished.”

Assistance for admission were significant: gold kids helped with tests, entrance exams, it got to the point that the Professor checked their work and corrected mistakes. Legends were told about the sports achievements and academic success. What will happen now with such students is unclear.

The network has reacted to the scandal. Especially the audience was outraged by the fact that while they were worried about exams and literally do not sleep at night, someone managed to get into prestigious University, without sufficient knowledge and not even putting any effort.

So, the son of actor Rob Lowe, honestly graduated from the prestigious Stanford with honors, said that he was proud of his achievement and remembers haven’t slept in nights and was preparing for exams to do.

Translation: still proud of this achievement. Happy for everyone who earned their accomplishments… and I really feel sad for those who never experienced it.


Translation: people lie and twist to get into the Ivy League. And Ivy lies and twist to get into the White House. This does not inspire confidence in the future.

Translation: all eyes are on the two Actresses, giving bribes is still involved 48 people. Coaches, the Director of the teams that took millions of the General Director, the author of the book with the ironic title “guide to living for modern girls”, the partner in a law firm… you all failed these children!

Translation: Lori loughlin removed their pages from the social networks, not to read the comments of those who are not rich and not famous, to buy a way of life. All of you who honestly went to the elite University, must protest at her house.