The invaders took away the property of the military unit in Odessa

The defense Ministry promised to protect your property


In Odessa, about 40 people in Balaclava tried to carry out raider capture of a military facility, which is owned by the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

This was announced by the head of the press center of command of Air forces of VSU the novel Urchila comments in the “112 Ukraine“.

According to him, the raiders call themselves the representatives of the Trade-entertainment center City Center. They partially dismantled the fence of the military unit А3571 and taken military equipment.

At the scene working military law enforcement office and military Prosecutor’s office of the southern region of Ukraine, representatives of air command “South” of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.

“About these people is unknown. Now there was talk of a military lawyer and law enforcement, who said that no documents this organization is not on any action on the site. While the capture of the object is stopped, there is a clarification of circumstances. This land is the land of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On this land there are military facilities of the air force, so we will undoubtedly protect your property,” said Urcia.

Recall that Avakov promised tough to fight the raiders.