KIEV. August 20. UNN. The cause of death tonight, police in Kharkiv was the bullet hit the assailant in body armor unprotected part of the body. About this on his page in Facebook wrote Director of the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko, reports UNN.

“29-year-old Kiriyenko bullets of the offender converted for battle starting guns hit the side – where the most vulnerable are not protected by plates of armor location torso,” – wrote Shevchenko.

Recall shooting at city hall of Kharkov took place on 20 August at about 00:37. An unidentified man opened fire near the administrative building of the Kharkiv city Council. An armed attacker shot at the guards of the institution and on patrol, who arrived at the scene on call. Police used the weapons and disarmed the shooter.

As a result of incident to the hospital with gunshot wounds were taken to the guard companies and patrolman. Despite the efforts of doctors, law enforcement officers died. The other wounded man is in stable a grave condition.