The interior Ministry said the details of the elimination of “Poltava terrorist”

KIEV. August 1. UNN. “Poltava terrorist” Roman Skripnik, whose night was liquidated by the police, had again to take in hostages of the militiaman, threatening with the grenade. These and other details on his page in Facebook said the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, reports UNN.

“Poltava terrorist Roman Skripnik — eliminated. 01 Aug, around 02.00, on the outskirts of the village of oposhnya Zenkovsky area during carrying out search actions on search Skrypnyk, one of the non-residential houses went head SRPP Zenkovsky Hadiach Department police Department police captain of Gum and found the criminal,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

He added that in the future, Skripnik, threatening with a grenade, took hostage a police officer.

It is noted that the captain of the Gum was carrying a service weapon. “The purpose of detention of the malefactor was put into effect the special police operation “Thunder”. The criminal was liquidated by employees of police special forces KORD thanks to an accurate shot. The hostage had three seconds to jump away from the grenade explosion. He was still alive and unharmed,” wrote Deputy Arsen Avakov.

“The Novel Skrypnyk was able to surrender to the police and stay alive, though, and spend many years behind bars. But he chose his path…”, summed up Gerashchenko.

The Deputy interior Minister expressed gratitude to the police and sazgvargaret that were involved in operation on search and detention of dangerous criminals.

Earlier, netpolice announced the elimination of “Poltava terrorist” during a security operation.

Earlier, on July 29, Gerashchenko admitted that “Poltava terrorist” was likely to be able to commit suicide.

We recall the morning of July 23 a man in Poltava captured criminal investigator, and then traded him at the head of the UKRAINIAN GUNP in the Poltava region, Colonel Vitaly Shiyan. With him he went to granted in accordance with its requirements, the car, the direction out of the city.

It is known that as of July 28, law enforcement officers continued the search in Myrgorod district Poltava “Poltava terrorist” who captured the employee of criminal investigation Department of the police of the region. The search had attracted more than 500 people.