The interior Ministry said that they have no molfar and psychicsPhoto:

Office Avakov responded to the accusations of the SBU

07.03.19 21300

The interior Ministry denied the statement of the SBU that the interior Ministry knew in advance about the implementation of the secret special operation of SBU.

About it reports a press-service of the interior Ministry.

“Unfortunately, the Ministry of the interior no full-time positions sorcerers, molfars and psychics who have previously reported to the police that in the house at the address: Belorusskaya str, 26, March 4, SBU carries out the decision of the court secret covert investigative actions with the installation of special technical equipment audio-visual control,” the Ministry said.

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It is reported that the interior Ministry and Acpolicy “in no way interfere with the friendly law enforcement body of special purpose”.

“We are very surprised to know from the official statements of the security service that the special service if advance informed internal Affairs about covert operational activities. In fact, by law, have the right to know about it only tangents persons with a special permit,” – said in the Ministry.

The Ministry assured that they are working within the law, responding to applications of citizens about possible dangers near their home or office.

The interior Ministry advised the colleagues from the security service to check the quality of the performance of their employees with operational tasks at the location of the special equipment audio-visual control, “in the future, to prevent the detection and recording of such works the usual guards or other careful observers from the Windows of the neighboring building.”

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that next to the office Zelensky was found wearing a wire.
  • The security Service of Ukraine confirmed that it had installed the wiretapping near the office of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, but denied having heard it.
  • The SBU said that the Ministry of internal Affairs thwarted them the operation when I was told about the “tapping” Vladimir Zelensky.