Writer of Russia Zakhar Prilepin, who fought in the ranks of the militants “new Republic”, explained why it will not return to the occupied Donbass.

According to
writer-terrorist “Republic” turned into the next area
Of the Russian Federation, where the carve-up of the business. Prilepin said that
after the elimination of the leader of the militants Zaharchenko “DNR” began
radical changes, transfers “Диалог.UA” with reference to the Slovenian
the TV station RTV.

The writer went from Russia in “a young
Republic” as found “DNR” free for poetic and
of musical creativity.

However, Prilepin’s still
your charge of “battalion”, but doesn’t want to fight for “the interests
big business” and “capitalism”.

He also spoke about
how the fighters of the fake Republic starving because of lack of money. In General
writer disappointed with the terrorist “DNR”.

According to Prilepin,
after the death of the Russian aggressor “Empire” will turn into
today the Donbass.