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On Tuesday the security Service of Ukraine said that the official checks the information on the financing of the campaign of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky from the representatives of the Russian special services associated with the Pro-Russian armed groups that are fighting in the Ukraine under the flags of the DNI and LC. Information about this appeared due to the hacked correspondence of the militia DND Dmitry Hevchenko caught up in the public domain, writes The Insider. The publication was able to verify the authenticity of the correspondence, and find out that a few years ago, people around the ideologists of the project “new Russia” Vladislav Surkov and Konstantin Malofeev was preparing another project “Buratino” – the shift of power in Kiev by means of promotion of the candidate-“the jester”.

April 7 Ukrainian center “Peacemaker” has approached the Ukrainian security officers with a statement in which he indicated that “25 Feb 2019 officer of the Russian special services Pinchuk, Andrey Yurevich, after consultation with the as yet unknown persons gave a direct indication of the actual owner of the crypto currency exchange WEX and militants from DNR, Chevchenko Dmitry V. to withdraw from a cryptocurrency in cash significant amounts of money with the purpose of their further transfer according to the available channels for financing of election campaign of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky”.

“Given that these actions of the Russian intelligence services are a threat to national security of Ukraine, we inform you urgent need to take further decisions,” concluded in “the Peacemaker.”

In the appeal the authors referred to the hacked correspondence of the former members of the armed forces DND Dmitry Hevchenko, which is currently headed by the Crimean branch of the Union of volunteers of Donbass. Hevchenko – man Alexander Beard, which, in turn, worked as a PR Manager at billionaire Konstantin Malofeev, who is suspected of financing DND and LNR. After the start of the political crisis on the territory of Donbass in 2014 Borodai was declared Prime Minister of the DNI.

FSB Colonel Andrey Pinchuk, lit up in correspondence, have also actively participated in these events and was appointed “Minister of state security of DND”. In the same period, the Minister of defence of the DNI was Igor Girkin (Strelkov), who previously also worked for Malofeyev did not hide the fact that a Colonel of the FSB of Russia.

Today Pinchuk headed the Moscow branch of Union of Donbass volunteers, This organization is supervised by Vladislav Surkov, who had previously been called the “gray cardinal of the Kremlin”. Occupying the post of assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Surkov in 2014 and later was in charge of “Ukrainian” foreign policy.

Judging by the correspondence, on the night of February 25, 2019 Andrey Pinchuk signaled to Dmitry, Chevchenko that should be translated “the first 200 thousand” with “action comic”, and the rest will be decided depending on the results of sociology. Hevchenko a few hours responding, that begins “the conclusion from the crypt” and that the money will come to the recipient within a week.

The next day, Halchenko writes a letter to the address of the headquarters Zelensky in the city of Nikolaev (mykolaiv@ze2019.com), where there are only two numerals – 4 and 200. As can be understood by the context of the previous letters, it is understood that agreed tranche 4 200 thousand.

The reliability of the mailbox, The Insider, failed to establish, by talking with other members of chevchenko correspondence, whose letters were also found in this array. The Insider also managed to find an old summary Pinchuk, where specified this email address.

In addition, the metadata of these letters not found any traces of tampering correspondence. He Hevchenko in conversation with The Insider stated that sending money to headquarters Zelensky doesn’t want to comment. Contact Picocom, The Insider, failed. In a press-service Zelensky said that I think “all of this is 100% fake, the original being “the Peacemaker.”

The Insider doubts that before the election day, SBU will have time to give an official response about the authenticity of the letters. However, there is indirect evidence that funding is likely. In 2014 Surkov was the plan for the financing of candidate-comedian. The plan spil in the same year, after breaking the correspondence of the liberal democratic party. They found the documents related to the Donbass. Among them were memos with stamps and signatures, copy of passport Pushilin (man Surkov, one of the leaders of the DNI) and other documents. In these arrays, there were also documents about the project “Pinocchio”, which was developed by a team of Putilina and to realize it was entrusted to a defector from the security service Yegor Sobolev.

The authors of the project said that in Ukraine “a high protest vote” arising from dissatisfaction with the actions of the “new Maidan government”. “In this situation, is rather high (about 40% according to the latest sociological research) the protest electorate is ready to vote though for “bald”, not only for the existing major parties and politicians,” – said the drafters of the project “Pinocchio”.

They recommended literally to use the image of Pinocchio, which is “the perfect target to create the correct jokes” making fun of political opponents. The sponsors were convinced that the actions of their candidate unwittingly begin to cover even “hostile” media. “Contractors will be forced to insert stories about “the adventures of Pinocchio” in its news stories as they brighten up their boring flow motion “flavomaculata and megapolitana” next “patriots” striving for power”.

According to the authors of the project, this effect “has already been successfully tested by us on the candidate Darth Vader, whom in the presidential race, the media have opened a real hunt, forcing him to give 50 interviews a day.”

“The concept of the project do not indicate high intelligence of its creators, but meant quite solidly financed,” notes The Insider. It was planned to allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars in the promotion of “candidate-comedian Pinocchio.”

It is also noteworthy that, Chevchenko became the owner of a cryptocurrency exchange WEX (formerly BTC-e), the volume of which is estimated at $ 500 million. He Hevchenko never had any relationship to the cryptocurrency and did not have the means to invest in any business, therefore it was considered as the nominal owner. The real owner of the exchange called the Konstantin Malofeev, although he denied it. The owners were going to sell the exchange, but the deal fell through, and then (official version) by one of its creators, hiding under the name admin, escaped and disappeared user access to the wallets. Havenco claimed that he would fight for the return of the access, and even threatened to connect collectors and law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, the released correspondence shows that in February of this year, Havenco continued to cash in cryptocurrency, that is, access to the wallets he had. Now defrauded investors can require Hevchenko and Malofeeva damages.