Striker Omsk hockey club “avant-guard” Sergey Shumakov ill coronavirus infection.

  • © Nina Zotina
  • RIA Novosti

According to the General Manager “Avant-guard” Alexey Volkov, who reports the press service of the club, Shumakov isolated from the team and is in constant communication with the medical service of the club.

“Being a good hockey player. The team continues to work on “Arena Khimki” and to live in isolation in a hotel near the stadium,” — said Volkov.

He also noted that those players who did not participate in the first session, missed the class due to medical restrictions not related to coronavirus infection.

In the past season, completed ahead of schedule because of the pandemic, 27-year-old Shumakov took part in 64 matches for “avant-garde”, in which he scored 48 (20 + 28) points.

Previously in the KHL, spoke about the six cases of coronavirus.