A few days ago it became known about receipt of the concern “Almaz-Antey” of a patent for a drone armed with a carbine, another well-known Russian concern “Kalashnikov”.

Now this trivial topic will be continued. MAI scientists has posted a video on YouTube that shows the flight they created a drone equipped with a semi-automatic shotgun “Vepr-12”.

Reasonably you would expect that the recoil of a shotgun will constantly shoot down a drone off course — but I guess not.

In a published press release the developers said that after shooting the machine will not deviate from its trajectory, and the onboard power source will provide the UAV 40-minute flight. The video shows that the machine takes off and lands in a position in which the barrel of the gun aimed at the sky. And the following video shows that the drone can remove the wings and use it as actually a normal shotgun.

Source — Tom’s Guide