The Governor of the state of Puebla in Mexico died in a plane crash with her husband

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KIEV. 25 Dec. UNN. The Governor of the state of Puebla in Mexico Martha Erica Alonso and her husband, Senator and former head of the region, Rafael Moreno Valle, died Monday in a plane crash. As reported by local newspaper El Universal, the politicians were on Board the helicopter that crashed in the area of Coronango in the suburbs of the state capital Puebla, reports UNN.

Official confirmation of this information from the authorities of the country yet. Information about possible causes of the tragedy was not made public.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador previously announced in his Twitter that a helicopter on Board which could be the former acting Governor of the state of Puebla, crashed in Mexico.

“I get information about the helicopter crash in the state of Puebla, — wrote the head of state. — Need to confirm whether the on Board Governor Martha Erica Alonso and ex-Governor Rafael Moreno Valle (her husband). I ordered the whole government to act immediately”.

According to the newspaper Milenio, in the district of Coronango in the state of Puebla the crash occurred. Killed at least two people who were on Board the aircraft. Information about their identity was not made public.

As reported by UNN, in Mexico the attackers killed three police officers and a marine.